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Dr. Tsehloane C. Keto Student Leadership Development and Mentorship Program
CALL FOR NOMINATIONS by February 8, 2014

"Leaders are born not made...or...Those willing to assume leadership must be prepared to do so."

Purpose:  The purpose of the program is to provide leadership training to the next generation of young scholars and professionals who will assume positions of responsibility in the field of Africana Studies and in the African Diaspora community.  Participants in the program will be exposed to a variety of settings where they will have the opportunity to observe, participate, examine and exercise leadership skills in a national organization. 

The program is named in honor of South African born Dr. Tsehloane C. Keto a dedicated, committed Africa-centered scholar and educator who was a powerful force in the fight for liberation and empowerment for all people of African descent. 

Eligibility:  Students currently enrolled at institutions of higher education are eligible to apply.  Students will be required to submit a brief essay stating their interest, recommendation from a current NCBS board member and verification of student status and standing.  All applicants must meet the following Criteria: 

  *Must be a student member of NCBS

               *Prior attendance at a national conference

               *Junior (64 or more credits) in good academic standing

               *Major/minor in Black/Africana Studies

               *Willing to serve in student leadership role on NCBS

                 Board of Directors

               *Willing to make a two year commitment to the program

Mentors:  Volunteer faculty mentors will be paired with student leaders for a two year period.  Mentors will work closely with students to guide their development and serve as role models.   Mentors and students will meet, as a group, at the fall board meeting as well as the national conferences.  Faculty members will work closely with individual mentors throughout the year.


Support:  Funding, provided by NCBS, will support up to four students annually - $500 per student. Students will be required to attend the fall board meeting and the annual conferences and will be encouraged to solicit support from their home institutions.


Application Deadline: February 8, 2014

Forward your essay application to:

     Keto Leadership Program

     National Council for Black Studies

     University of Cincinnati, Africana Studies Dept.

     2815 Commons Way, French Hall West

     Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0370    

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